The Great Reunion

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The Young and the not so Noble

The group returned to their previous camp looking defeated. They did not know what would happen from then on without having retrieved the artifact. However they soon realized all that was left of the Drow that had sent them on their suicidal task was severed limbs. Pixies floating around informed the party that they had been slain by “Underground Yeti’s”. The pixies had also noted that the drow had already concocted the antidote and gave it to the party. The pixies also noted that their was a shortcut to Shadowholm and that it would be blocked soon by high tide unless the party hurried.

The Dark Depths

It wasn’t long before the party had traveled to the Thor Mound the entrance to the underdark. Drizz’t proved a valuable guide and lead them through paths that the party would have never noticed without him. At the end of the mound and the beginning of the Underdark the party encounter the Underdark’s self proclaimed gatekeeper Nolaron the Black Dragon. The party succeeding in convincing that the Dragon should await their return from the Underdark to take his toll. After many nights of travel the party was soon ambushed by Drow. Most of the party was poisoned and it seemed as though the Drow were the only ones who knew of an antidote. This group of Drow were there to negotiate a deal, they wanted the party to obtain for them an artifact in exchange for the antidote. After much ado the group headed for the temple where the artifact was but was soon overwhelmed by lizardfolk. There was no choice but to run so they fled, however Matthaes and Logan were constricted by vines. Realizing only one of them could escape Matthaes ripped off Logan’s vines and let him escape. Matthaes recieved a grim fate but the group had to continue on.

R&R... Dear God Arranis what did you do!?

Leaving the graveyard the party notices the once undead filled road had been paved for them. After clearing up a misunderstanding Orin joins the adventure. The party then heads to the last known location of the drow messenger, the woods outside of the coastal city of Magna Costa. Finding no trace of the messenger in the woods the party decides to ask the locals in Magna Costa, not without getting distracted by the promise of relaxation at the beach. Through many conversations they learned that a drow had been captured and was being kept in the prison. The party splits up, the more diplomatic ones sook the Highpriest Soldin’s permision to talk to the prisoner. While within the Cathedral of the Sun Arranis and Logan get lost and through a series of circumstances end up discovering the Solus Crystal when they touch it they’re minds touch sharing memories before dumping them outside and creating Mopsy. The Highpriest grants them permision and they visit Drizz’t the drow messenger. Drizz’t reveals to the party that Khronos resides in Shadowholm the drow metropolis, that was found in the depths of the Underdark. He scoffed at them revealing that the path to the city was unnavigatable by someone unfamiliar with its path. A dark deal was made and the party broke Drizz’t out of prison so that he could become their guide.

Not a Graveyard

On the way to Narwir Rest they soon discovered that the Lance of Light had left a region engulfed in mist, but that was not something they had time to investigate right now. The graveyard was not a place to give up it’s secrets easily, as many undead were roused from their eternal sleep and quickly overwhelmed the party. The party found a gravestone that beared the symbol of the warlock while fleeing and with a stroke of luck discovered that moving it revealed a secret passage that they promptly used to flee from the mass of zombies. However in this clearly recently used small dungeon complex there was little respite for them, as they were pit against traps, undead, and even homunculi. After delving deep into the complex they encountered the owner of this undeground dungeon. Congratulating the heroes on getting this far in his dungeon he summons his abominable pet affectionatly named Jimmy. After a gruesome battle they proceeded forward to encounter Kelnerithar the necromancer who had raised all the undead. Delkoroc brought about a slip of the tongue revealing Kelneritar’s involvment to the warlock, and revealing that the mysterious symbol was called the Sigil of Caduceus. The battle was a fierce one with the heroes as the victor, the necromancer was subdued. However when the necromancer seemed to recognize Matthaes, Matthaes quickly dispatched him stating “I know people like him, they won’t give you what you need regardless of how you torture them”. After reading through his magically protected diary, the party learned that there was a dark elven messenger between the warlock whose name is revealed to be Kronos and Kelnerithar. All that was left to do was to track down this messenger and find out where Kronos was.

Aggerat Village

They arrived at the village and save quite a few distractions, the party informed the local mayor of the threat with haste. The mayor informed them of the the villages lack of soldiers to defend it, the party agreed to help defend the town. The party made quick friends of the captain of the guard Harland. The rise of a new day was greeted with an onslaught of undead. Even with the party and what little military was there working together they were being forced back little by little, until An Angry Half-Dwarf came turning the tide. After the undead were vanquished the party recieved a brief respite before powerful spectres nearly killed the party before a mysterious Lance of Light pierced the sky leaving nothing but a crater near the village. The battle was mysteriously ended but noone cared to question the victory. Logan joins the party after revealing that a swordsman bearing the mysterious tatoo on his hand had dispatched his entire military squadron a while back. After questioning the locals it was revealed that someone remembered seeing the symbol of two snakes coiling around a cross somewhere in the northbound Narwir Rest a famous graveyard. Without pause they headed towards the only lead they had.

Goblin Cavern

After defeating roomful after roomful of goblins, the party comes across captives. After rescuing the captives they learn the stories of each of them. Syrandor wanted to stop the warlock out of virtue and divine guidance, Delkoroc did not tell quite a true story but the point remained that he needed to track down the warlock to end his curse, Arranis was in such a state of shock that the party could not discern what had happened to him but it was clear that the warlock had caused him some sort of pain. It was a simple decision they would band together until they bring the warlock to justice, and so the true journey began. They made their way out of the cavern and headed towards their destination of Aggerat Village

Humble Beginnings
How it all started

The soon to be heroes all encounter in some shape or form a man bearing a tatoo of two snakes coiled around a cross. Matthaes and Erdan make the decision to pursue the tatoo bearing warlock that razed Erdan’s hometown. They come across Bethryn in a camp of kobolds along the way in their search, and discover a battle map detailing the plotted destruction of a nearby village. The group decides to band together and warn that town and hopefully question the locals about the warlock. They soon discover that to reach the easternward village they have to pass through the Tribuo Range which would normally take weeks to treck across, so they decide to use a shortcut Matthaes recalls leading them through a goblin infested cave.


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