The Great Reunion

Aggerat Village

They arrived at the village and save quite a few distractions, the party informed the local mayor of the threat with haste. The mayor informed them of the the villages lack of soldiers to defend it, the party agreed to help defend the town. The party made quick friends of the captain of the guard Harland. The rise of a new day was greeted with an onslaught of undead. Even with the party and what little military was there working together they were being forced back little by little, until An Angry Half-Dwarf came turning the tide. After the undead were vanquished the party recieved a brief respite before powerful spectres nearly killed the party before a mysterious Lance of Light pierced the sky leaving nothing but a crater near the village. The battle was mysteriously ended but noone cared to question the victory. Logan joins the party after revealing that a swordsman bearing the mysterious tatoo on his hand had dispatched his entire military squadron a while back. After questioning the locals it was revealed that someone remembered seeing the symbol of two snakes coiling around a cross somewhere in the northbound Narwir Rest a famous graveyard. Without pause they headed towards the only lead they had.



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