The Great Reunion

Not a Graveyard

On the way to Narwir Rest they soon discovered that the Lance of Light had left a region engulfed in mist, but that was not something they had time to investigate right now. The graveyard was not a place to give up it’s secrets easily, as many undead were roused from their eternal sleep and quickly overwhelmed the party. The party found a gravestone that beared the symbol of the warlock while fleeing and with a stroke of luck discovered that moving it revealed a secret passage that they promptly used to flee from the mass of zombies. However in this clearly recently used small dungeon complex there was little respite for them, as they were pit against traps, undead, and even homunculi. After delving deep into the complex they encountered the owner of this undeground dungeon. Congratulating the heroes on getting this far in his dungeon he summons his abominable pet affectionatly named Jimmy. After a gruesome battle they proceeded forward to encounter Kelnerithar the necromancer who had raised all the undead. Delkoroc brought about a slip of the tongue revealing Kelneritar’s involvment to the warlock, and revealing that the mysterious symbol was called the Sigil of Caduceus. The battle was a fierce one with the heroes as the victor, the necromancer was subdued. However when the necromancer seemed to recognize Matthaes, Matthaes quickly dispatched him stating “I know people like him, they won’t give you what you need regardless of how you torture them”. After reading through his magically protected diary, the party learned that there was a dark elven messenger between the warlock whose name is revealed to be Kronos and Kelnerithar. All that was left to do was to track down this messenger and find out where Kronos was.



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