The Great Reunion

R&R... Dear God Arranis what did you do!?

Leaving the graveyard the party notices the once undead filled road had been paved for them. After clearing up a misunderstanding Orin joins the adventure. The party then heads to the last known location of the drow messenger, the woods outside of the coastal city of Magna Costa. Finding no trace of the messenger in the woods the party decides to ask the locals in Magna Costa, not without getting distracted by the promise of relaxation at the beach. Through many conversations they learned that a drow had been captured and was being kept in the prison. The party splits up, the more diplomatic ones sook the Highpriest Soldin’s permision to talk to the prisoner. While within the Cathedral of the Sun Arranis and Logan get lost and through a series of circumstances end up discovering the Solus Crystal when they touch it they’re minds touch sharing memories before dumping them outside and creating Mopsy. The Highpriest grants them permision and they visit Drizz’t the drow messenger. Drizz’t reveals to the party that Khronos resides in Shadowholm the drow metropolis, that was found in the depths of the Underdark. He scoffed at them revealing that the path to the city was unnavigatable by someone unfamiliar with its path. A dark deal was made and the party broke Drizz’t out of prison so that he could become their guide.



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