The Great Reunion

The Dark Depths

It wasn’t long before the party had traveled to the Thor Mound the entrance to the underdark. Drizz’t proved a valuable guide and lead them through paths that the party would have never noticed without him. At the end of the mound and the beginning of the Underdark the party encounter the Underdark’s self proclaimed gatekeeper Nolaron the Black Dragon. The party succeeding in convincing that the Dragon should await their return from the Underdark to take his toll. After many nights of travel the party was soon ambushed by Drow. Most of the party was poisoned and it seemed as though the Drow were the only ones who knew of an antidote. This group of Drow were there to negotiate a deal, they wanted the party to obtain for them an artifact in exchange for the antidote. After much ado the group headed for the temple where the artifact was but was soon overwhelmed by lizardfolk. There was no choice but to run so they fled, however Matthaes and Logan were constricted by vines. Realizing only one of them could escape Matthaes ripped off Logan’s vines and let him escape. Matthaes recieved a grim fate but the group had to continue on.



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